Jun 09, 2014

By Bob Komsic

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Kathleen Wynne, Tim Hudak and Andrea Horwath are making many campaign stops with just three more days until the election.

The premier began the day in Cambridge where she wanted voters to know why she got into politics.

Wynne said she didn’t like what the Mike Harris Tories did to education and is worried Hudak will do the same.

She wants to ensure that doesn’t happen again and is warning voters not to mark their ballots Progressive Conservative on Thursday.

Wynne’s schedule also includes Stratford and London.

Andrea Horwath has responded to Wynne’s statement that anyone thinking of voting New Democrat should instead vote Liberal.

The premier has said the NDP’s no longer the party of Jack Layton, who never would have considered teaming up with the Tories if they win a minority – something Horwath refuses to rule out.

Standing in front of a Layton statue in Toronto, Horwath said Wynne likes to talk about great NDP leaders but cannot even ”stand in their shadows.”

Sarnia, Chatham and Windsor also make up Horwath’s Monday schedule.

PC Leader Tim Hudak says his promise to cut 100,000 public sector jobs would not affect the quality of special education.

During a stop in the Ottawa area, he said the cuts would target about 9,600 ”non-classroom personnel” considered expendable by the Drummond report that examined all government spending.

Hudak’s day and evening also includes Brampton, Brantford and Dundas.

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