May 16, 2014

By Bob Komsic

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Vote Liberal in the June 12 Ontario election and Kathleen Wynne pledges to expand the powers of nurses and nurse practitioners.

Registered nurses would be able to prescribe non-narcotic medications, while practitioners would be allowed to order tests for things like CT scans – tasks currently carried out only by doctors.

A promise welcomed by the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario.

Its leader says that would transform the health care system overnight and reduce wait times.

PC Leader Tim Hudak says he’d run balanced budgets once the deficit’s eliminated by 2016.

But he’s quick to add deficits are okay if confronted by an economic crisis.

Changing subjects, Hudak says he’s the only leader in this election campaign who’s putting commuters first.

He vows to expand GO Train service and improve highways.

Meanwhile, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath is once again attacking both the PCs and Liberals over rising electricity rates.

She says wrong-head policies that began under the Conservatives continued under the Liberals and that’s why our system’s in such a mess.

Horwath pledges a NDP government would merge four of the five agencies running things and cap the salaries of the CEO’s.

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