May 14, 2014

By Bob Komsic

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He’s put it all out there.

Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak revealed the party’s election program he hopes enough voters like to make him premier June 12.

We’ve already heard about eliminating 100-thousand public sector jobs.

Speaking in Toronto today, Hudak said spending would be cut by six percent over four years in order to balance the books and have a small surplus in 2016-17.

However, he says health-care spending would increase, home care and long-term care would be expanded and specialty clinics would be permitted to provide more services.

The Tories would eliminate the home renovation tax credit for Zoomers, which was meant to help them stay in their homes longer.

As for education, the promise is to increase class sizes, change staffing levels in full-day kindergarten classes.

Targets for reading, writing and math would be raised.

There would be a standardized test for Grade 8 science and a financial literacy curriculum would be introduced.

The PCs also say they’d sell off chunks of Crown corporations to raise money for public transit and transportation infrastructure.

Hudak says, ”Some of these choices were easy, most of them were pretty hard, but we’re in a world of limited options.  That’s why your next premier has to have focus and discipline …”

During a stop in Guelph, the premier said she got into politics, in part, to take on the Mike Harris Conservatives and plans to fight just as hard to stop Hudak.

In Kathleen Wynne’s words, ”His ideas are dangerous”.

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