May 02, 2014

By Jane Brown

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Rob Ford’s journey in rehab is believed to have started.  His lawyer Dennis Morris says Ford flew from Buttonville Airport to Chicago yesterday after taking a leave of absence from the mayor’s office to be treated for alcohol addiction.  But Morris won’t say if Chicago is Ford’s final destination.  The Mayor’s brother, Councillor Doug Ford, would only say he will undergo 30 days of treatment at one of North America’s best rehab centres.  Morris says the 30 days could be extended.

Toronto Police have confirmed they are looking into the existence  of another video which appears to show Rob Ford smoking crack.  It’s a fresh lead in a high profile investigation that had appeared to be at a standstill.  Detective Sgt. Gary Giroux says he will probe the video which two Globe and Mail reporters say shows the mayor taking a drag from a copper coloured pipe and exhaling a cloud of smoke as his right arm shakes uncontrollably.  Giroux says this investigation will be part of his original Project Brazen 2, which began nearly a year ago after reports about a first recording which shows Ford smoking what appears to be crack cocaine.

Meantime at Toronto City Hall, Norm Kelly is now fully in charge.  “I have agreed to resume the responsibilities of mayor.  This transition is effectively immediately,” Kelly announced just before the noon hour yesterday.  Kelly keeps the title of Deputy Mayor but he has the option of appointing a second deputy mayor to assist him.  A spokesperson from his office says it’s undecided whether that will happen.

Rob Ford was the target of plenty of jokes from the late night TV talk show hosts on the same day he entered rehab for alcohol addiction.  But most of the hosts also seemed genuine in wishing Ford well. Jimmy Kimmel, who recently had Ford on as a guest, said he’s glad Ford is getting help and hopes some of the jokes about him cheer him up.




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