May 01, 2014

By Scott Walker

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Reaction to the latest allegations of intoxication by Mayor Rob Ford was swift in coming.

Karen Stintz was the object of lewd remarks by Ford on an audio recording made at a bar in Etobicoke on Monday. She says she’s “deeply offended” by his remarks, which she calls  “disgusting.”

Challenger John Tory says he is glad for Ford and his family that the disgraced mayor has finally decided to take a leave of absence to seek help. But it’s not enough. Tory says Ford needs to resign: “It’s time for Deputy Mayor [Norm] Kelly to pick up the responsibilities with Toronto City Council so that we move ahead to our best days and to making sure this city can be as great as we know it can be.”

Several city councillors also weighed in on the latest controversy. Mary Fragedakis says it’s all very well for Ford to seek help for alcohol abuse, but that won’t deal with “the misogyny, the homophobia, the bigotry, and the other substances that it seems he’s been abusing.”

Shelley Carroll called it “heart-breaking and gut-wrenching.” She wondered whether everyone might be guilty of “active enabling” in allowing Ford to reach this point.

Giorgio Mammoliti is one of Ford’s few allies left on council. He says he’s relieved that Ford has finally made the decision to seek help. But he wonders if it hasn’t come to late. He says that, if Ford isn’t able to return to the campaign, he may consider running for mayor to continue Ford’s agenda.

The latest scandal is once again making headlines in the international media. And late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, on whose show Ford once appeared, has tweeted, “All jokes aside, I hope he does get the help he obviously needs.”

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