Feb 27, 2014

By Jane Brown

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Doug Ford is not too happy with comments made by Bill Blair who’s reacted to the councillor’s accusations about his conduct.  “He’s the most political chief the city has ever seen and I suggest he sticks with the police work,” Ford tells the CBC.

Toronto’s Police Chief spoke out publicly yesterday for the first time since Doug Ford filed a complaint saying Chief Blair was biased against his brother, Rob Ford, when he released details of the video which appears to show the mayor smoking crack.  Blair says he was warned by the Mayor’s former driver Alexander Lisi that a complaint against him was coming.  “On the 1st of November, my media affairs man, Mark Pugash, was saying quite publicly we now anticipate that there will be this type of attack on the police and the investigation and it was because we had been told to anticipate this,” Blair explained to CP24.  Chief Blair says the warning was made to police investigators while Lisi was in custody on an extortion charge related to trying to obtain the infamous Rob Ford crack video.

Blair is being investigated by the Office of the Independent Police Review Director for saying he was personally disappointed after viewing the crack smoking video.  But he says, “I am absolutely 100-percent confident that there has been no misconduct.  I’ve also had the opportunity to discuss this with my board and they also have agreed and indicated to me that they see no issue of conflict.  I’ve been doing this a pretty long time and we’re careful to do it right.  So I have no concerns whatsoever.  I intend to fully cooperate with the OIPRD and I’ve got great confidence that we’ll give him an opportunity to do his job, and I trust the outcome.”

As for the video showing Rob Ford’s alcohol induced rant at the Steak Queen restaurant which came to light last month, Chief Blair says he was deeply offended by it and found it disgusting.  The Chief says “the mayor called him a pretty filthy obscenity  followed by more obescenties that would offend most decent people.”

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