Jan 29, 2014

By Michael Kramer

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Mayor Rob Ford is facing new allegations.

Dennis Morris – the mayor’s criminal defence lawyer – confirms that Scott MacIntyre has filed a statement of claim alleging that Ford was behind a jail house assault against him.

Scott MacIntyre is the former common-law spouse of Kathy Ford – the mayor’s sister.

The March 2012 beating left MacIntyre with a broken leg, shattered teeth and other injuries.

MacIntyre alleges in his lawsuit that the beating by several prisoners was intended to keep him quiet about the mayor’s abuse of alcohol and illegal drugs.

The lawsuit claims the infamous video that came to light last year of Ford ranting about wanting to kill an unnamed person – was referring to Scott MacIntyre.

MacIntyre also alleges the jail house assault was orchestrated by Aedan Petros – a 300 pound criminal who played defensive tackle for Rob Ford when he was coach of the football team at Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School.

Ontario Correctional Services spokesman Brent Ross has confirmed an investigation was conducted into the beating and says the substance of that investigation is confidential and cannot be released.

None of the claims in MacIntyre’s lawsuit, which lists Ford, Petros and the Minister of Correctional Services, among others, as defendants have been proven in court.

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