Aug 08, 2013

By Jane Brown

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There’s another call for Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak to face a leadership review.  Frank Klees is a prominent member of the P.C. caucus and says rather than suppressing the opinion of the party’s grass roots, Hudak should invite a leadership review.  “For Tim to put that vote out there voluntarily, without being seen to resist that, I think it shows confidence on the part of the leader.  That in itself would instill confidence on the part of the members in the leader. If you’re afraid of what the members are going to say, what does that say about a general election?”  Klees asks.  Frank Klees finished second in the 2009 leadership race.  He represents the riding of Newmarket-Aurora.

Some Tories in London who were angry after the P.C.’s lost four of five byelections last week have filed motions to seek a leadership review at their upcoming policy convention in London.  But Deputy P.C. leader Christine Elliot says, “Tim is already dealing with it.  We’ve already had a conversation about doing a deep analysis about where things didn’t turn out the way that we hoped that they would.  And so there are people who are actively working on that right now and I know that Tim is asking questions.  And so, I think he’s doing exactly the right thing now.”  Elliot adds,  “people need to remember none of the five ridings in the byelections had been P.C. to start with.”

Tim Hudak is vacationing this week and unavailable to comment.  He won over 75 per cent support when the party held it’s last leadership review following the loss to the Liberals in the 2011 general election.

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