Jul 30, 2013

By Jane Brown

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Distracted driving is not just about talking on a smartphone while operating a vehicle.  The OPP’s Chief Superintendent of the Highway Safety Division says motorists do all kinds of things which distract them from driving.  Don Bell explained at a media conference this morning, “you just have to look at some drivers on the 400 who are brushing their hair, putting on cosmetics, disciplining their children, having a coffee, or enjoying the landscape.”

Chief Superintendent Bell is helping to launch the CAA’s four week long distracted driving campaign in the GTA.  In addition to the OPP and Canadian Automobile Association, Toronto Police and the Traffic Safety Coalition are endorsing the campaign.  Bell says motorists need to remember, driving is a privilege, “and is something that requires a hundred percent concentration.  If you don’t have that hundred percent concentration, you’re going to put yourself in jeopardy.  You’re not only going to put yourself in jeopardy, you’re going to put others in jeopardy.  And as this campaign clearly outlines, you could be missing something that is very close and dear to your heart, something that you don’t want to miss – a family event, your children’s graduation, your anniversary, or just life in general.”

If you’re caught driving while talking on a handheld smartphone, the fine is $155.  Other forms of distracted driving can result in a charge of careless driving with fines ranging from $400 to $2000.


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