Jun 07, 2013

By Jane Brown

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We’re learning more about the house identified as the backdrop to the now-infamous photo of Mayor Rob Ford and two young men who were later shot.

The house at 15 Windsor Road in Etobicoke is owned by the Basso family. Fabio Basso is an old friend of Rob Ford’s. The CBC says Basso has a criminal record that includes drug possession. The Toronto Star is reporting that Fabio’s sister, Elena Johnson, was convicted of trafficking cocaine two years ago.

Neighbours of 15 Windsor Road near Dixon and Kipling, say Johnson, who lives at the house with her elderly mother and brothers, Fabio and Mario, is known to have drug problems.  As we reported yesterday, police frequently visit the address, which is notorious for drugs, according to people who live in the area.  It’s been 3 weeks since the U.S. based website Gawker and the Toronto Star revealed news of a video that appears to show Mayor Ford smoking crack cocaine while making homophobic and racist remarks.  The image of Ford in front of the Basso house near Kipling and Dixon with 3 young men is not part of the video, but was provided to the Toronto Star by men trying to sell the video.   Gawker claims the alleged video that is said to show the mayor smoking crack cocaine was filmed inside that home.

Meanwhile, the mayor continues to refuse to answer questions about the video, only replying with “any other questions” when reporters pepper him with queries about the alleged video and the drug allegations.

Police say a couple of days after allegations of the video first surfaced, someone broke into the home on Windsor Road and attacked two men inside. Police won’t comment on Gawker’s allegations that the attacker was looking for the video.

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