Nov 06, 2012

By Michael Kramer

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Vitamin D has come in for a lot of praise lately  but a new study in Canada’s leading medical journal suggests people with low levels of  vitamin D  may actually live longer.

Dutch researchers looked at 380 families with at least two siblings over age 90.

After controlling for factors that affect vitamin D levels: age, sex, size, kidney function and supplement use,  they found longevity in a family was  linked with low levels of vitamin D.

On the disease front, researchers said  other factors may be linked coincidentally  to low levels of the vitamin’s production.

For example, frail or sickly  people may simply have lower levels of vitamin D because they don’t get much sunlight. Or people with heart disease may have lower levels because they’re not getting enough exercise, another factor in vitamin D production.

The study is published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

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