Sep 12, 2023

By Andy Johnson

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There is a new book out that could just change the long standing conclusions reached by those investigating what was then the crime of the century in the United States.

88-year old Paul Landis was one of the Secret Service agents just feet away from U.S President John F. Kennedy when he says three shots hit the president.

The Warren Commission used the so called “magic bullet theory” to conclude Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin and his third shot hit both Kennedy and Texas Governor John Connelly.  But Landis says he found that nearly pristine third bullet imbedded in the limo’s seating after it hit Kennedy in the back.

If true, the question remains, who fired the bullet that hit Connally and raises suspicions there were more than one gunman, since the Warren Commission concluded Oswald didn’t have time to reload and fire a 4th time.

Landis says he’s breaking his silence after 60-years because it’s been long enough and he needed to tell his story.

“The Final Witness,” is in book stores now.

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