Jun 29, 2023

By Bob Komsic

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Do you ever check your phone while behind the wheel?
Fix your makeup, comb your hair?
 Type a destination into your GPS?
All count as distracted driving.
Yet despite evidence that it’s a major cause of crashes, injuries, even death, seems we’re getting more distracted – not less.
A study done for CAA South Central Ontnario indicates 44% of drivers admit to driving distracted at one point; a 4% increase from last year.
Despite the rising number of self-identified distract drivers, just 3% admit to being charged.
Nearly six-in-ten (57%) support raising fines and stricter penalties for convictions.
Currently, a driver can face a minimum fine of $615 up to $1,000, three demerit points and a three-day licence suspension for their first conviction.
The survey also finds almost two-thirds of drivers surveyed (63%) have witnessed close-call crashes or traffic violations caused by not paying attention; up 4% from a year ago.
About one-in-ten (12%) reported being involved in a collision, mainly because of using a mobile device.
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