Jun 20, 2023

By Jane Brown

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Rob Davis is among the 102 candidates running for Toronto’s next mayor.

He is a former Toronto city councillor and city budget chief.

So why haven’t we heard more from him?

Davis told The Morning Zoom with Sam and Jane, his name was excluded from the polling.

“The least expensive way of doing a poll is called an interactive voter response poll, which is where you use your phone number, you dial people and they use their phone to press who they like,” Davis explained, “Well guess what? There are only 9 possible options on the phone dial and there might’ve been 12 or 13 of us who were qualified for the position. My name was continually left off the polling because there are only 9 numbers you can push on a phone dial.”

But Rob Davis says he does have a plan to bridge the $1.5-billion dollar budget shortfall.

“I would start off by cancelling the renaming of Dundas Street and others, that would save $21-million. I would cancel the expansion of bike lanes, which would save us $31-million. I would ask the federal government to give us the right to issue tax free municipal bonds which would save us $25-million in the first ten years. I’m just getting started. There are lots of things we can do to maneuver the finances.”

According to the latest polling from Liaison Strategies, 8-percent of those polled say they would vote for someone other than the top contenders and 13-percent are undecided.

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