Jun 16, 2023

By Jane Brown

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Following another Toronto mayoral debate Thursday night, new polling conducted yesterday by Mainstreet Research shows Olivia Chow still in the lead.

The frontrunner has 31-percent of decided voter support, while the three runners up are polling around the same.

Ana Bailao has 14-percent, Mark Saunders is at 13-percent and Josh Matlow is at 12 percent of decided voter support.

This group is followed by Anthony Furey at 11-percent, Mitzie Hunter at 6-percent, Chloe Brown at 5-percent and Brad Bradford at 4-percent.

The results follow Thursday night’s heated debate among seven leading candidates on issues around housing and affordability, homelessness and encampments, transit and safety on the TTC and traffic congestion, among others.

Voters got some clarity on Olivia Chow’s plans for the east end of the Gardiner Expressway, for which she’s taken heat from Brad Bradford.

“We’re talking about 1-kilometre between Cherry Street and DVP,” Chow explained, “The city is tearing it down anyway, so the question is whether we rebuild it as an elevated expressway or if we don’t build it up, we can keep it on the ground and it would open up between 4000 and 8000 new units of housing there, and there would still be a ramp to go back up to DVP,” Chow tried to explain amidst the noise of other candidates.

And while Olivia Chow says if she becomes mayor, she will take stock before implementing a modest property tax increase, the others continue to press for a number.

Mark Saunders explained why after the debate.

“She’s not telling what the taxes are, and that is what the big problem is,” Saunders told reporters, “This city is so critical when it comes to the economic development of our entire country and part of that is making sure that our city is viable and affordable and vibrant, and she is clearly not addressing that critical point when it comes to addressing what people want in the city of Toronto.”

The byelection is in 10 days on Monday June 26th.

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