May 29, 2023

By Jane Brown

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Older people vote.

In fact, 80 percent of Canadians between the ages of 65 and 74 vote in every election.

And in the coming Toronto mayoral byelection, June 26th, 96 percent of Toronto CARP members say they plan to cast a ballot.

So that’s why all of the high profile candidates made it a priority to visit ZoomerPlex in Liberty Village this past weekend during Doors Open.

Ana Bailao said she had an opportunity to connect with a number of Zoomer Radio and Classical FM listeners and voters.

“There were some questions and we talked a lot about affordability, which is what I keep hearing everywhere I go,” Bailao explained, “People are struggling with mortgages going up, rents going up, food going up, gas going up, and they’re telling me they don’t want more taxes. They can’t afford more taxes.”

Brad Bradford also made his pitch while visiting us.

“I know how to have more affordable housing for seniors, for young families like mine, for new Canadians, I know how to unlock the gridlock, get the traffic moving here in the city and of course making our neighbourhoods safer, so those are the conversations that we’re having.”

And Josh Matlow explained that long before he became a Toronto mayoral candidate, he’s been advocating for the Toronto Seniors strategy for a very long time.

“When you design a city that is accessible, respectful and caring for older adults, you create a city that is designed for all of us, whether you’re a young parent pushing a stroller or a middle age person in a wheel chair. I believe that if you advocate for a city and you design a city that has a tree canopy on the sidewalks and benches that you can rest on, then fewer people are isolated and lonely in their own homes and we can create a society that’s good for us all,” Matlow detailed.

Mitzie Hunter, Mark Saunders and Olivia Chow also visited The ZoomerPlex during Doors Open. All six debate the issues this Wednesday evening evening at Toronto Metropolitan University.

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