Sep 01, 2022

By Jane Brown

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If you take a ride in an Uber or Lyft here in Toronto, Zoomer Radio’s Fight Back with Libby Znaimer has learned the driver might not be properly trained.

“One of the four so-called training approved programs has sent 4000 Uber and Lyft drivers onto our streets claiming to be trained, only to find that it was a fake training course that has now been suspended,” Beck Taxi Operations Manager Kristine Hubbard revealed to Fight Back, “All of the drivers are licensed. They’re driving now. That decision, by I don’t know who on (Toronto City) Council supported this, is to not remove the licenses or pull the licenses back, is to make sure they get trained before they remove those licenses in a year from now.”

Toronto city Councillor James Pasternak joined Kristine Hubbard on Fight Back and said “that’s disturbing when fraud is committed of course we have to condemn it, but to say that City Hall is not interested in the personal safety of passengers or ride services or the drivers is disingenuous.”

Pasternak also said “no” when Libby asked him if he was aware of this story.

Kristine Hubbard went on to explain the city has allowed companies to register as training schools without requiring in car training, adding there’s “zero accountability and zero monitoring.”

After going to air with Kristine Hubbard’s information, the City of Toronto Manager of Media Relations and Issues Management contacted Fight Back to confirm that 3,754 drivers had taken the training that was later suspended.

The email says a city review found the integrity of the training program was upheld for the majority (60 percent) of the drivers and these drivers don’t need to retake the training with an accredited training provider.

It goes on to say the city has informed 1,567 drivers who took the questionable training they will need to retake it with an accredited training provider before renewing their driver’s license with the City of Toronto next year.

Listen to the full conversation by clicking here.

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