Aug 17, 2022

By Bob Komsic

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The Ford goverment will release more details of its plans for health care system Thursday morning in an announcement by Ontario Health President and CEO Matthew Anderson, Long-Term Care Minister Paul Calandra and Health Minsiter Sylvia Jones.
”There are no easy solutions to the challenge facing the system now.  We have made progress but we can do more,” the health minister told the Association of Municipalities of Ontario earlier today.
“These challenges require bold and innovative solutions to better integrate patient care for all Ontarians, which is why we will continue to address short-term stressors and continue to invest to build a stronger, more resilient health system that better meets the needs of patients,” Jones added.
Part of the plan will involve expansion of a program that allows paramedics to take patients somewhere other than a hospital ER; such as a mental health facility or to treat them on scene.
Jones says initial results of the first phase of the paramedic pilot project, launched two years ago, show patients getting care 17-times more quickly.
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