Aug 08, 2022

By Christine Ross

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If you’re an avid museum-goer who’s been swept up in the recent craze for the online game Wordle, there’s a new game for you.

The wildly popular online game Wordle has spawned a series of copycat games like Heardle for music and more.

Now there’s Artle. It’s an image based game for art lovers and like Wordle, you can share your score on social media.

“For each guess you input into the game, you’re actually going to see a new image from the artist so rather than trying out a new word, you’re getting a hint of a new image from that artist,” says Steven Garbarino,  senior product manager with the National Gallery of Art in Washington where the game was born.

Each day, users are shown a new series of four works from artists in the museum’s 150 thousand piece collection. Unlike “Wordle,” there are no hints, although the art becomes progressively easier to identify as players strike out.

Its become a hit with the museum’s web traffic is up over 40 percent with players from around the world

“The great part is this game gets to expose you to a new artist, or maybe you’ve discovered a new favourite art work from an artist you might not have known so much about and it starts to ignite passion and learning a little bit more so an artist that we might have the least success in terms of the number of people getting it right,   that’s often what most people will want to go and discover more, says Garbarino.

To play Artle, visit The National Museum of Art.


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