Feb 08, 2022

By Christine Ross

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The latest internet sensation Wordle is taking the world by storm with millions of daily users.

The appeal of the five letter word puzzle is rooted in its simplicity. For those who don’t know, Wordle is a website with a puzzle. You can play it just once a day for free. There is one word and six chances to guess correctly.


I asked enigmatologist — that’s a puzzle expert — Stacy Costa, why are we so obsessed with Wordle?

“It’s very simple to pick up from as young as I would say age eight all the way to 108.”

Stacy Costa

The University of Toronto PhD Candidate says Wordle is a perfect fit for the pandemic.

“We’re seeing very young people reconnect with grandparents and parents because they’re teaching them maybe a new word that they’ve never experienced or even challenging each other,” said Stacy. “Hey Grandma, Hey Grandpa, did you get the Wordle this morning and we you able to solve it in less words that I did?”

Bragging about your results with friends and family is one thing, what about those posting their score online for all to see? To that, some say nobody cares!

Now the bad news. The New York Times just bought Wordle from its creator, a software engineer from Brooklyn. For now, the game will be free.

“But if a pay wall goes up then of course issues around equity and accessibility is going to change and I don’t think it’s going to be as simple and easy to get onto it, it’s going to create some new barriers and the appeal of how easy it is to access will become a bit of a problem,” continued Stacy.

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