Sep 16, 2021

By Christine Ross

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Hundreds of birds migrating through the U-S and Canada this month have died after crashing into glass windows.

It’s happening amid a dramatic drop in bird populations all over North America.

From September 27th to October 3rd, teams around the world will be looking for birds that have collided with reflective windows and it’s being organized the Toronto group FLAP – Fatal Flight Awareness Program.

Co-founder Michael Mesure told Zoomer Radio’s Fight Back with guest host Jane Brown, conservation groups are becoming increasingly concerned.

“The estimation of bird strikes in any given city is anywhere from one to ten birds per structure each year and if you look at the city of Toronto, there’s well over one million structures that birds have the potential to collide with, which makes for an astronomical number just for Toronto alone,” says Mesure.

Toronto was the first city in the world to require mandatory requirements for special window markers to reduce bird strikes.

In New York this week, volunteers have found near 3-hundred birds on sidewalks surrounding the World Trade Centre Towers.

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