Jan 22, 2021

By Jane Brown

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City of Toronto traffic data shows more people are staying home to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

It confirms that vehicle traffic over the past week is at its lowest observed levels since stage one reopening back in May and June, but is still higher than conditions observed during the first lockdown in March and April of last year.

Mayor John Tory explained on Friday morning, this data will continue to be monitored every week.

“Same with the phone data which measures how many phones move around or how many just stay at home, and 82 percent are staying home now, but that’s compared with 87 percent in the Spring, so that suggest that in the Spring, more people were staying home,” Tory told CP24.

Meantime, Zoomer comedian Rick Mercer is helping launch an Ontario government campaign (#StayHomeON) encouraging all Ontarians to stay home, especially young people who are more likely to be asymptomatic and pass the virus to older people.

“If you’re a young person and you hear that you have to stay in, you’re thinking, hang on, is the government telling me I can’t hook up?” Mercer questions with humour, “Well the answer to that is yes, that is correct. Doug Ford is personally imploring you to not hook up. And if you are tempted to do so, just imagine Doug in the room with you, just 6 feet away in a hazmat suit, and he’s watching you, and imagine the disappointment on his face.”

Watch Rick Mercer’s full spiel by clicking here.

The stay home order went into effect on Thursday January 14th while Toronto and Peel Region have been under a lockdown for 2 months, as of Saturday January 23rd.

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