Dec 11, 2020

By Christine Ross

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Ontario is expecting to receive the Pfizer vaccines on Monday at Toronto’s Pearson airport. Task Force lead General Rick Hillier says the province “cannot control what happens” as the vaccine moves through the U.S. if Donald Trump tries to prevent their passage.

“We have thought about them moving through the United States from Belgium into Germany through the United States into Canada and realized we cannot control what happens from there, so Pfizer has said they’ll deliver to us by Monday, we’ve done our planning,”said Hillier. “We are ready to start vaccinating on Tuesday.

Responding to security concerns, Hillier says there’s been a security assessment done on both physical and cyber threats from arrival to destination and says the vaccines will have an appropriate level of security.

Solicitor-General Sylvia Jones calls the vaccine “liquid gold” and says there are additional resources for the hospitals if they need them.

3,000 doses are being delivered to both Toronto’s University Health Network and The Ottawa Hospital.

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