Dec 02, 2020

By Christine Ross

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A letter from a coalition of retailers asking for non-essential stores to open at 25 percent capacity isn’t having much influence on the Ford government.

Health Minister Christine Elliott says studies prove that locking down retail in hot zones works in curbing the spread of the virus.

“There was a report that was just released Wednesday by York University that takes a look at what happens when you do these sorts of lock downs, what kind of effect does that have on reducing community transmission of COVID-19 and there is an impact, it does make a difference,” said Elliott.

More on the York University  report  here

The minister is urging shoppers to only buy essentials at the big box stores, even though thought they’re full open with other goods for sale.

Fifty retailers, including Canadian Tire and Hudson’s Bay sent an open letter to the government urging store capacity limits for shuttered stores in time for crucial holiday shopping season.

Doug Ford acknowledges that his cabinet has the power to re-open businesses but won’t do it unless he gets the green light from health officials.

“I always have to to listen to the chief medical office of health, if I put my business hat on, I’d switch those things open in a heart but I can’t, it’s proven, it works, and that’s how we’ve been able to move forward this whole time,” said Ford.

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