Oct 21, 2020

By Christine Ross

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Proposed legislation that would provide COVID-19 liabiity protection to health-care workers is getting mixed reviews. It would make it more difficult to sue long term care homes, except in cases of gross negligence.
Lawyer Stephen Birman, who’s involved in a class action lawsuit against long-term care homes, told Zoomer Radio’s Fight Back with Libby Znaimer, the bill is unfair.
” It’s going to make it more difficult, there’s no question,” said Birman. “It gives insurance companies an added argument and an added ability to delay these cases, it adds a level of red tape to litigation and there’s no reason for this very vulnerable group to have to meet a higher standard than anybody else.”
But in responding to angry families whose loved ones died from COVID-19 in nursing homes, Premier Doug Ford insists bad operators will be held accountable.
“If you feel they’ve been negligent, sue them, it’s as simple as that,” Ford told reporters. “And I specifically ask, does this protect long term care from people that have lost a loved one, can they continue to sue, and they said yes, if they’ve shown gross negligence.”
The Premier maintains the covid liability legislation will protect small business owners, workers and others who’ve acted in good faith.
Ford also admits part of the reason his government is introducing the legislation is because of soaring insurance rates and he’s telling insurance companies to stop gouging clients.

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