May 21, 2020

By Christine Ross

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Terry O’Brien says the most difficult part of the pandemic is not seeing his grandkids in person. So the Whitby man came up with a fun project by asking his grandchildren to write and illustrate a book. It’s now drawn attention from around the globe including from teachers who want to use the book as a resource. Terry wrote the foreword and postscript for the digital book. “The corona virus pandemic is teaching them about connection, reverence, humility and hope,” says Terry. “These are powerful lessons to learn at any age.” Terry jokes that he’s the teacher and technical support for this project to help them all deal with isolation. “So it really got me thinking what can I do to maintain that connection and also I wanted to see if I could take their minds off all the things that can’t do because of social distancing requirements,” says Terry.

photos: CTV news

Six-year-old Harper Flanigan was up for the challenge. “I wanted to write this book so other kids will not be scared either, my family is staying home but we are having fun,” says Harper. Her brother Asher and cousin Hayden also contributed a few pictures. Hayden’s Mom Jessica says it’s been a positive experience. “It seems to be therapeutic for her to write down her feelings and express herself in that way and it really did help her cope with all the different feelings she had through this challenging time,” says Jessica.

The last word belongs to Harper, “Stay safe, and love each other.”

To get a digital copy of the book, email ONE WORLD HARPER @ GMAIL DOT COM and make a donation to a charity of your choice.

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