May 07, 2020

By Christine Ross

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Now that garden centres are set to re-open this weekend, it’ll be a whole lot easier to get started on your garden and lawn. But with a chilly Mother’s Day weekend forecast, you’ll need to bundle up. Myron Bonk is not a licensed lawn care expert but to many, he’s considered the lawn whisperer. “Neighbours have stopped me, family and friends have reached out to me to ask what my secrets are,” says Bonk. While his lush lawn may look labour intensive, he claims it’s not. “When we initially moved into our home, it was a full time job there’s no doubt about that but now it’s gotten to the state where it’s just cut the grass once a week, water as required, pull out weeds and then fertilize,” adds Bonk. He uses only natural chemicals and says lawns are forgiving so don’t beat yourself up if at first you don’t succeed. But recommends the first critical steps to take early spring are dethatch, fertilize and water.

Myron’s lawn Photo credit: Jane Brown

When it comes to gardening, Charlie Dobbin, host of the popular Saturday morning The Garden Show on Zoomer Radio, says with some shopping restrictions leading up to the growing season, many opted for seeds to start the garden.

“People who never planted seeds are asking questions and it’s really good because they don’t always realize that when you buy a package of seeds, take parsley for example, a package costs $1.99, do you really want 60 parsley plants, probably not so you don’t have to plant the whole pack so plant 10 seeds and save the rest for next year,” advises Charlie. The garden expert says there’s a reason people call their gardens their happy place. “It’s been proven over and over this will boost serotonin levels and suddenly we feel better.” It’s a sentiment echoed by the lawn whisperer Myron Bonk, “It does relax and kind of takes you away from any of the problems you may have had during the day.” You can listen to The Garden Show on Zoomer Radio every Saturday morning at 9 a.m.


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