May 25, 2018

By Christine Ross

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Zoomer Media’s Libby Znaimer hosted a televised healthcare debate ahead of the June 7th election in the TV studios Friday afternoon.
It was held on the same day as as a new poll that suggests wait times for procedures in the most important issue among respondents. The poll by  CARP-a new vision of aging- and the Ontario Medical Association, found hospital overcrowding ranks as the second most important healthcare issue.The debate featured PC candidate Christine Elliott, and NDP health critic France Gelinas. The Liberals turned down an invitation to participate. With respect to that number one issue of hospital overcrowding, or hallway medicine, both candidates say changes are long overdue. Long term care is a frequent issue tackled by Libby on on her current affairs program Fight Back and the issue surfaced again during this healthcare debate.  today she asked the panelists their party’s platform. Elliott was pressed by Gelinas to provide specifics on the PC platform costing for health. While the candidates agree on most healthcare issues, they remain far apart on pharmacare. Elliott says her party doesn’t support free medicine for all, but Gelinas says studies show it’s effective and drives the price of medicine down.
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