Feb 18, 2017

By Bob Sheppard

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U-S President Donald Trump has upped his rhetoric about the news media to a level few would have ever anticipated from an American leader.

On Friday Trump tweeted that the New York Times, CNN, NBC, ABC and CBS are not his enemy but are “the enemny of the American people.”   He also continued to call them “the fake news media,” with the word fake in all caps.

It comes a day after a 77-minute press conference in which he spent much of his time criticizing his news coverage,

One of his targets, the New York Times, says Trump’s words “echoed the language of autocrats who seek to minimize dissent.”

Washington Post journalist Carl Berstein, who, along with fellow reporter Bob Woodward helped uncover President Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal, says “Donald Trump is demonstrating an authoritarian attitude and inclination that shows no understanding of the role of the free press.”

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