Jan 24, 2016

By Bob Sheppard

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Former Toronto Maple Leaf captain Dave Keon was a guest on Zoomer Radio’s “Naz and Wally” sports show Sunday, the morning after he, along with the late Tim Horton and the late Turk Broda, were inducted into the Leafs Legends Row.

A ceremony was held at centre ice prior to the Leafs game with the Montreal Canadiens Saturday night.

Contrary to what many people think, Keon has visited the city and the Leafs occasionally over the years. There was a feeling among many fans that he still held a grudge going back to the days when the team was owned by Harold Ballard, and wouldn’t take part in any Maple Leaf activities.

But Keon told Naz and Wally that he’s been living in Florida for years and it’s not that easy to drop by the city.

The 75 year-old Keon won 4 Stanley Cups with the Leafs in the sixties, he was an All Star Team member, and was Toronto’s leading scorer for 2 seasons. He was also the league’s top rookie in his first year, and was once named the NHL’s Most Valuable Player.

He was also considered to be one of the league’s fastest skaters.

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