Feb 16, 2014

By Bob Sheppard

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It’s the winter that just won’t loosen its grip.

Once again an extreme cold weather alert has been issued by the City of Toronto.

Cold weather alerts are issued when the temperature is expected to drop to minus 15 degrees Celsius without windchill.

It sets in motion additional services to make vulnerable homeless people in the city become aware of the dangers of staying outside too long in cold weather, and to make sure they have a safe and warm place to go to.

When an Extreme Cold Weather Alert is called, homeless shelters are told to relax restrictions, and are reminded that if a bed is not available, they are to allow a person to stay at the shelter until a bed is found.

And the city immediately adds an additional 26  shelter spaces for men and women.

Over one hundred agencies are advised of the cold weather alert and are asked to relax any service restrictions they may have.


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