• Get Ready For Spring?

    Now is the time to dig and divide all your spring blooming perennials. Download This Episode
  • Back To School

    Charlie is back teaching and shares her experiences. Download This Episode
  • A Shrubbery!

    This week it’s all about the “shrubbery”. Monty Python would be proud! Download This Episode
  • Landscaping Support

    Guest host Dennis Flanagan details some of the benefits of connecting with Landscape Ontario for some great support information....
  • Landscaping A New Home

    Frank is joined by guest host Dennis Flanagan from Landscape Ontario while Charlie gets used to her new home...
  • Gardening Full Time

    In between callers Deanna Groves of Quinte Botanical Garden explains how her and her husband left their city jobs...
  • Paul DeGroot

    Paul DeGroot joins Charlie in studio to take your questions Download This Episode