Meet The Guys Who Created Woodstock

We’re celebrating Woodstock’s 50th anniversary with Woodstock Week on Zoomer Radio! 

A shout-out please, to Artie Kornfeld, Michael Lang, John P. Roberts, and Joel Rosenman.

Sure, today Kornfeld, Lang, Roberts and Rosenman sounds like a law firm. But in the summer of ’69 they were just four young guys who wanted to prove that boomers could come together in peace, love and music.

None had event-organizing experience. Mike Lang, for instance, ran a pot paraphernalia shop in Florida. And the 3 million it cost to put on Woodstock came mostly from John Roberts’s wealthy family.

But in the end, it was more about the vibes than the dollars.

Just days before Woodstock weekend, they were told they could have a stage, or they could have a fence, but there wasn’t time to build both.

So they decided to go with the stage, and Woodstock became a three-day freebie.

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