Zoomer Radio Pet of the Week: Fabio and Donald

Mar 07, 2023

By Jordan Chakravarty

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March is National Adopt a Guinea Pig Month! To celebrate, Toronto Humane Society is offering 50% off the adoption fee for all guinea pigs. That means that you can take home a new cute companion for just $15 – or take home a bonded pair for $30 like Fabio and Donald.

Fabio and Donald and bonded guinea pigs and are looking for their forever home together.

Donald is a bit on the shy side. He waits for his best friend, Fabio, to lead the way and then he’ll follow. Once he’s comfortable, his curiosity kicks in and he enjoys sniffing while exploring his surroundings.

Fabio, and his fabulous hair, is a social butterfly. He’s always willing to come out from his hiding spot with Donald to say hello! If you have treats, such as fresh veggies or herbs, Fabio will enjoy your company even more. Most guinea pigs don’t enjoy being picked up and held, but Fabio doesn’t mind a quick cuddle or two as long as you ask for his permission and hold him against your chest.

They’re comfortable to hang out by themselves, but they’re happy to also be around their humans. This dynamic duo would make a great addition to any family that is willing to care for them and bond with them at their pace.

Guinea pigs require a minimum pen size is 36”L x 24”W x 18”H which provides room for running, possibly climbing multiple levels, foraging, hiding, food, water, a hay box, and possibly a litter box. Cage bottoms should be solid, rather than wire, to prevent painful foot ulcers. To keep your piggy happy and healthy, provide environmental enrichments, such as tunnels, chewing and foraging activities. Keep them in a social area of the house but away from kitchen fumes/smells, loudspeakers, and direct sunlight. Guinea pigs’ teeth are constantly growing and are kept worn by chewing hay, so always provide unlimited amounts of hay.

Links to their adoption pages:

Fabio – Toronto Humane Society 

Donald – Toronto Humane Society


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