Zoomer Radio Pet of the Week: Tiabini

Jul 30, 2021

By Jordan Chakravarty

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Name: Tiabini
Age: 8 Years, 6 Months
Breed: Retriever, Labrador, Mix

Tiabini is a beautiful, sweet, and friendly girl looking for the right family to help her be her best self. Tiabini needs a family with dog experience and enough patience and understanding to set her up for success.

Even at 8 years old, Tiabini will still melt your heart with her big brown puppy dog eyes. She is a sweet and gentle girl who warms up quickly to her humans. Her favourite things are making new human friends, treats, and her much-loved daily walks. She is a super smart girl who knows how to sit and touch, and she is definitely ready to learn more.

Tiabini is easily excited, especially on her walks. This is a sign that she is comfortable around you, but sometimes she barks or tries to chase dogs she wants to play with. She is working on this each day and is happy to walk away with a gentle reminder. With encouragement, patience, and dedicated training, she will make even bigger strides of progress.

Tiabini is a little nervous around new people, but all it takes is a little time, love, and getting to know you, and before you know it, she warms right up. Once she begins to trust you, she will be a fiercely loyal companion to you forever. It is important to note that Tiabini is sensitive and will need her humans to appreciate that.

Tiabini needs someone patient who can give her some space while she familiarizes herself with her new home. She does not do well with sudden and unexpected movements, which is why her new home should not have young children. She will do best in a low activity home and an overall quiet space while she gains her confidence and can feel comfortable in her new forever home. A home with a fenced in backyard is also recommended so that Tiabini can do some training outside. A relatively quiet neighbourhood would also be best for Tiabini to go on walks without getting too excited.

Tiabini is looking for humans with previous dog experience, who understand dog body language, and who are willing to be calm, patient, and supportive. She would do well in a house, not an apartment or a condo, and it would be best if everyone in the home was at least 13+, and all were willing to take part in Tiabini’s progress. Above all, Tiabini’s humans need to be calm and gentle around her. She is a sweet girl and needs special care in her environment.

Tiabini needs someone dedicated to training, building her confidence and trust, and showing her some love while she settles in. She is a sweet and beautiful dog who needs a forever home to share the love she has to give.

Ready to meet Tiabini and get the adoption process started? Start here: https://www.torontohumanesociety.com/adopt-a-pet/adoption-process

For more information on Tiabini, please contact us at [email protected]

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