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May 04, 2020

By Meghan Chipman

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Zoomer Media Ltd has many different platforms to keep our viewers, listeners and subscribers up to date and informed during these uncertain times. All our platforms are contributing to communicating key messages while avoiding panic.


The ZNews Team is busier than ever covering timely, relevant and up-to-date stories related to the pandemic. So far they’ve provided excellent coverage on Personal Service Workers working on the front lines, physical distancing regulations, how to apply for the CERB, proper COVID-19 hygiene practices, and special services available to help Zoomers learn technologies like Zoom so they can stay in touch with their family during isolation.  Plus, tons of great tips on how Canadians can stay fit at home with the nation’s GET FIT STATION – ONETV.

Videographers are actually well suited to operate in the field under the current conditions, they are each a self-contained unit producing, hosting and shooting stories on their own and then heading home to edit without even setting foot in the station.  Here are some of the outlets where you can see or hear ZNews…


Whether it’s giving viewers direct access to top doctors and a chance to ask their COVID-19 questions during call-in shows or gathering geneticists and infectious disease specialists to discuss what’s being done to stop this pandemic, theZoomer has been keeping their audiences informed with new shows broadcast weekly. Visit www.thezoomertv.com for more details or watch it on VisionTV weeknights at 11:00pm.

Recent shows:
theZoomer – Coping With COVID-19
Marissa Lennox hosts a special episode of theZoomer to answer viewers’ questions about coping during the pandemic.

theZoomer – The Biology & Evolution of COVID-19
Libby Znaimer hosts a discussion about the biology and evolution of COVID-19 and who it hits hardest.

theZoomer – Prescription Refill Costs
Marissa Lennox hosts and a panel of experts discussing the rising costs of prescription refills during the COVID-19 pandemic.

theZoomer – Long Term Care Homes
Libby Znaimer hosts a panel of experts to look at what’s been happening in long term care homes during the coronavirus pandemic.

You can watch all these episodes and more at thezoomertv.com!


Fight Back with Libby Znaimer

Every weekday, Fight Back with Libby Znaimer provides the most up to date coverage of the impacts of COVID-19 on our health care system, economy and mental wellness. They’ve been bringing you Canada’s leading epidemiologists to answer your questions and debunk the misinformation that is so rampant. They provide a platform and a community for their listeners where they can try to get help and answers for their own situations. Recently, their team, together with CARP, got answers for a listener who could not get through to the nursing home where her brother lives, after she learned his roommate died of the virus. Fight Back’s coverage informs and makes a real difference and they’ll continue to be there for you as we overcome this new reality. To check out previous Fight Back with Libby Znaimer episodes, click here!


Zoomer Magazine

In the current May issue – on newsstands now – Zoomer Magazine places the focus on the facts: with Smart Strategies in turbulent times for your health, money and travel.

Daily everythingzoomer.com keeps the readers informed with COVID-19 coverage, including: health updates, Federal and Provincial response as well as heartwarming, good news stories from communities across Canada.



CARP continues to advocate on behalf of older Canadians during the pandemic and has been pressing provincial and federal governments to take action. Their website is updated continually with information on COVID-19 related matters for seniors health and finances. CARP meets with Federal and Provincial Ministers, advocating for financial support for seniors in need as a result of the pandemic and immediate protections for residents of Long Term Care. Other issues we they’re fighting for: Coverage for additional costs and so much more. For further details on CARP initiatives go to CARP.ca

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