The New Classical FM Pet of the Week: BlackJack

Jan 31, 2020

By Valerie Massie

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BlackJack’s the guy who bursts into the room, plops himself down the beanbag chair, and just starts talking about anything and everything. His thoughts on the Oscar snubs. What he ate for breakfast. His most recent bowel movement. Anything. Nothing is safe with this snuggly, cuddly, chatty lap cat. He just loves to talk and LOVES people who listen. “Where, oh where,” you ask, “can I find this cat?” You can find him at Toronto Humane Society.

With a gift for the gab and a purr that’ll rings through the house, BlackJack likes being the center of attention. He’ll jump right into your lap and won’t want you to leave. If he could, he’d snuggle into your lap and stay there forever. Eternal pets and scratches? Sign him up. In a way, BlackJack is more of a dog than a cat. He is very affectionate and communicative and cuddles people professionally.

BlackJack is diabetic. But that hasn’t dampened his snuggly spirits. Bringing home a diabetic cat is not as scary as it sounds. All he needs is his daily medicine! Giving it to him can be easy and Toronto Humane Society staff would be happy to go through everything with you. These daily meds can become a part of your routine. Plus, some cats go into remission and no longer require regular treatment.

He also has a URI (urinary tract infection). Again, not as scary as it sounds. They call URIs the “cat common cold”. So, sneezing, congestion, coughing, etc. Stuff we’ve all been through. He’s being treated for it as we speak. If he’s adopted before his treatment ends, Toronto Humane Society staff will provide his new family with everything they need.

BlackJack is perfect, health “hiccups” and all. He is so sweet and sensitive and is friendly around everyone. Is he playful? Not as much as other cats. He is more of a lapcap than anything. He would be the purrfect movie companion. Especially if you’re watching something scary. He will cuddle on top of you and keep you safe.

As mentioned, this guy is more like a dog than a cat. Some people would call him “clingy”. Pft. More like “lovey”. His perfect family not only loves cats, but loves having cats around/on them for long periods of time. In other words, his people need to be open to lots of snuggles.

BlackJack is not sure about bunking with other pets. As he is currently dealing with a URI, he will need to get over that first. He wouldn’t want to get other cats sick! His perfect home is calm, and relatively quiet. He’s a sweet boy but also a little sensitive. He likes taking it easy on the couch and napping often.

For more information on BlackJack, visit his profile here, visit Toronto Humane Society at 11 River Street, or contact their adoptions staff at [email protected].

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