Zoomer Radio Pet of the Week: Steve

Jan 24, 2020

By Valerie Massie

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Meet Toronto Humane Society’s Steve. The handsomest boy ever looking for a foster-to-adopt family! He’s a belly-rub-loving, frolicking funhouse of butt wiggles and sloppy smooches. He’s a bouncy castle of a dog, a happy and playful boy who will do just about anything for head pats and belly scratches. Did we mention he’s also a ladies man? Yep. Look at those eyes. That coat. How could he not be? This boy knows he’s a looker and ain’t afraid to turn it up when he needs to. He can be so full of beans and loves prancing along to show off.

There are some things Steve is particular about. He really doesn’t like being startled and can be a little wary around men. HOWEVER, he’s come such a long way. He’s befriended lots of guys around the shelter. He’s come so far along in fact, he gets upset when he doesn’t get to say hi to everyone all the time.

Steve has some joint issues he’s being treated for with rehab and limited exercise. Though the doofus can’t help himself when he’s excited and tends to jump up to say hi. Even when he’s by himself, he’ll be throwing around his toys and rolling around on the floor. Goofy guy.

This is why he is looking for looking for a foster-to-adopt family. With his foster parents and the continued rehab treatment of our experts, he can continue working through his joint pain till adoption time!

His ideal home is where he can play with endless amount of toys and get endless amounts of cuddles. A home with experienced dog owners who are patient and understanding and are able to work with him through some of his behavioural and joint issues. Steve is going to need lots of enrichment and training for him to have the best life possible. He may need ongoing care for his elbow/joint problems and is looking for someone willing and able to help him work through them. As he is a foster-to-adopt animal, our team will be right alongside you, providing all the help you need.

All staff at the shelter who have had the opportunity to work with Steve absolutely love him and he is always ready for any cuddles or attention they are willing to offer him. With some time, a whole lot of patience, and experience working with sensitive dogs, Steve would so quickly become the light of your life.

Want to know more? Visit his Toronto Humane Society profile here https://www.torontohumanesociety.com/adopt-a-pet/dogs/42599113, or reach out to their staff at [email protected].

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