Zoomer Radio Pet of the Week: Queen

Nov 29, 2019

By Valerie Massie

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Beautiful green eyes? Yas. Luxurious coat? Yas. Penchant for play, pets, and precious snuggles? YAS QUEEN. Queen steals every room (and every heart) without even trying at Toronto Humane Society. She’s a gal who knows what’s what. She’s seen what she needs to see, heard what she needs to hear. She’s passed through the most sophisticated corners of cat culture and now wants only one thing: a family with a wand toy. Oh and snacks. Snacks, naps, wand toys, … and maybe also a castle. She is a queen after all.

There are however a few things Queen would like you to note. First off, as sweet an angel, as perfect and precious a princess as she is, she can find it hard to adjust to new surroundings and noises. Older ladies like her can get set in their ways. And poor Queen, having lived in a single home for much of her life, has suddenly had to move out and settle in here. Yeah, fine, she “refused” anything other than one of our luxury cat condos. Still, she was not happy about the move! She now finds it harder to trust those who come and go, wondering why she isn’t in a home with her family. Where did they go?

With some patience and plenty of space for her to get used to things, Queen will learn she can trust you and will open up. She loves paytime. Especially with the wand toy. If you suddenly stop, she’ll put up her paw to let you know that she wants more play time.

Queen is diabetic. But that hasn’t made her any less of a queen. Bringing home a diabetic cat is not as scary as it sounds. All she needs is his daily medicine! Giving it to her can be easy and our staff here would be happy to go through everything with you. These daily meds can become a part of your routine. Plus, some cats go into remission and no longer require regular treatment anyways!

Queen is looking for someone who is able to commit to her needs and stick to a routine, someone with a castle where can she get back to being a cute little Queen. She is currently living in a temporary kingdom (foster home) while she waits for her permanent residence.

For more info on this majestic girl, contact Toronto Humane Society at [email protected] or visit her profile page at https://www.torontohumanesociety.com/adopt-a-pet/cats/11351731.

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