Zoomer Radio Pet of the Week: Fiachra

Nov 14, 2019

By Valerie Massie

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Fiachra is a gorgeous girl at Toronto Humane Society who likes classical music and meditation. Smart, shy, and artsy, she considers herself a real Virgo. She is a very sweet girl, but won’t normally seek out affection. She’s just so shy! But if you hold out your finger to her, she might, very slowly, approach to give it a quick head kiss before scurrying back to her pad!

Fiachra is a timid girl who likes to do things her way – that is, slowly. Strangers and loud noises can really make this sweetie tense. The key is to let her come to you. Not the other way around. When she’s feeling the pressure, she likes having a small, quiet space to settle in and feel safe.

Fiachra is all about trust. She is looking for a family who understands and respects that. A family patient and gentle. A family who will give her all the time she needs to slowly warm up to their presence. Once she feels safe, this beautiful girl who come out of her shell with enough purrs and snuggles for everyone!

Her ideal home is quiet, calm, and a little on the older side. She is a sweet girl, but young children and might be overwhelming for her. The same goes for other pets. She could get along with another cat, but there would need to be some slow, supervised introductions (with everyone getting their sanctuary rooms) before anything else.

If you think your home would be good fit for Fiachra, contact Toronto Humane Society at [email protected]

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