Q&A with Robbie Lane, Host of Robbie Remembers and The British Invasion

Jun 08, 2017

By AM740 Staff

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Let’s get to know Robbie Lane, host of Robbie Remembers and The British Invasion on Zoomer Radio:

1. How did you get started in broadcasting? 

I was playing with my Band the Disciples at a Club in Toronto and the Owner asked me to help him beef up the Saturday Night Business. I suggested he start a Dance on those nights and tie in with a Radio Station. I asked 1050 CHUM if they’d meet with us about this and they started doing a Saturday Night Oldies Dance. The Club Owner asked me to Voice the “spots” and after a few weeks, they offered me a Show on CHUM then on to Zoomer Radio.

2.  What’s the best movie you’ve ever paid money to see?
The Godfather. One of the best.

3.  If you could only go to ONE more concert in your life, who would you see?
There are so many Acts I’d like to seeso I’ll just pick “Ringo Starr and his All Star Band”

4.  What would your partner say is your most annoying habit?
I procrastinate. She hates that.

5.  Everybody has one thing they cook REALLY well.  What’s your specialty?
I’m an expert at Grilled Cheese and Bacon Sandwich with a secret ingredient

6. Coolest person in entertainment history – GO!
Gotta be Frank Sinatra

7.  Favourite gift you ever received?
My Fav Gift has to have been my Daughter Shelley.

8.  Do you prefer a crew neck of a V-neck style of t-shirt?
I wear mostly V Neck. I tell my Wife Marilyn V is for Virgin. She says they must be old T Shirts.

9.  One classic TV show you wish they’d remake.
Cant think of one.

10. One classic TV show they should never, ever touch. 
Perry Mason with Raymond Burr.  Leave it alone.

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