Q&A with Jane Brown, Co-host of The Happy Gang

Mar 08, 2017

By Valerie Massie

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Let’s get to know Jane Brown, Associate News Director and co-host of The Happy Gang:

1. How did you get started in broadcasting?

My start in radio began in 1980 when I was a high school reporter on the local Cambridge, Ontario radio station. That same year I also co-hosted the morning and afternoon announcements at my high school. But it was a couple of years later when I got serious about the idea of becoming a radio newscaster. I applied to Ryerson’s Radio and Television program and was accepted! During my first year at Ryerson, I volunteered and the campus radio station with a focus on sports broadcasting. In second year, I volunteered at a private radio network called, CKO, which turned into a full time job after graduation. That was the beginning of my career in Toronto radio!

2. What’s the best movie you’ve ever paid money to see?

I love going to the movies! It reminds me of being a kid, when we would wait in line-ups around the block to see the newest movie. My all-time favourite movie is Moonstruck and I paid to see that movie in January of 1988 soon after it was released. That film stands the test of time! “Do you love him Loretta? That’s too bad!”

3. If you could only go to ONE more concert in your life, whom would you see?

That’s a tough one, but I’d have to say Celine Dion. I saw her in concert many years ago, an experience which I enjoyed. But now, I would have a new appreciation for Celine who has been through so much. Not only is she an incredible singer, but she appears to be an incredible person and a great Canadian. I will never forget how she greeted each and every mourner at the visitation for her late husband Rene Angelil, knowing how much it would mean to the people of Montreal.

4. What would your partner say is your most annoying habit?
I knew the answer to this right away! Myron would say my most annoying habit is asking too many questions! I can’t help it! I’m a journalist!

5. Everybody has one thing they cook REALLY well. What’s your specialty?

I would have to say that my specialty and signature dish is my caesar salad. Everyone loves it and always requests that I make it! I also make a huge batch of pesto every September and can it. I give them out as gifts and we enjoy it year round!

6. Coolest person in entertainment history – GO!

First person who comes to mind – Elvis!

7. Favourite gift you ever received?
My 50th birthday diamond earrings from my husband are my favourite gift, along with all the home made cards my kids gave me when they were little.

8. Do you prefer a crew neck of a V-neck style of t-shirt?
I prefer a V-neck t-shirt, definitely! It makes your torso look longer and leaner! (cheating the eye, LOL)

9. One classic TV show you wish they’d remake.

This is a tough one because there’s a reason they’re classics! I could go for a remake of the Twilight Zone. Now that was a great show and would stand up today.

10. One classic TV show they should never, ever touch.

The list for this one is long, but I’ll go with “All in the Family” as my number one pick.

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