Your Fall Zoomerscope 2016

Sep 13, 2016

By Meghan Chipman

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Virgo: You are brimming with bright new ideas, abundance and charm, dear Virgo! You will have particular ideas that you can put to good use and make progress in the work place. Connect with people who are both pleasant and reasonable.

Libra: In more ways than one, you are feeling lucky, Libra. Go with your gut feeling, your social skills will be in high demand and will bring you great satisfaction.

Scorpio: You’re taking down barriers that have been holding you back. Taking one step further out of your comfort zone will bring you one step closer to your goal. Remember Scorpio; fate loves the fearless!

Sagittarius: Don’t be afraid to showcase your talents and skills. You may not be given all the situations and opportunities tat you choose off the bat, but you’ll have more than enough resources to make the best use of what ever comes your way.

Capricorn: You will accomplish more than you can imagine. Slow and steady efforts you will take you to your desired destination. Keep in mind on your journey that you may need to save a pretty penny or two.

Aquarius: When all hard work is acknowledged and rewarded don’t let it get to your head. There’s no time for slacking, especially with the cooler weather coming alone, we all can get lazy during this time of year. Find what motivates you the most and never stop working!

Pisces: Don’t be afraid to show off your talents, Pisces. While you’re out in public someone will spot you in the crowd and give you a special opportunity. There’s no time to hide your true self.
Aries: It’s time for you to take charge of your image. Excel at the work of your choice and don’t let anyone bring you down. It’s your turn to show the people in your life who is boss and that you cannot be pushed around.

Taurus: Dear Taurus, it’s time for big, important changes. You can reinvent yourself from the ground up if you choose but people will see you differently. Be adaptable but firm, and be happy with yourself.

Gemini: Your attention is zeroed in on making progress; getting and holding on to those things you love most. You will ask all the right questions and refuse to proceed without solid answers and information.

Cancer: This is your time where you can turn on that moonlit charm of yours and make sure that people in your life are the ones you want most.

Leo: Let the world see more of the true you. Work hard at what you love and have more fun doing it. More people will enjoy working with you and then your social life could be busier too.


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