The ZoomerRadio World Vision Portrait of Hope – Aholla’s Chickens

Jan 06, 2016

By Valerie Massie

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Aholla, 36, lives in Jhinaigati with her husband and two sons. As a family they struggled to meet their daily needs, but that began to change when Aholla learned to raise chickens.

My older son Bibash is a sponsored child. He is 14 years old and studies in Grade 9. My other child, Bijoli, is 6 years old and studies in Grade 2.

In the past, we had no way for my family to earn extra money. I agonized over meeting our daily needs and education expenses for my children. My husband earned a very tiny amount of money from his agricultural labour but it was insufficient.

One day I joined a chicken farming group, and participated in three days of training on chicken rearing. It was run by World Vision in collaboration with the Bangladesh Agricultural University. Through the training, I learned how to protect chickens from diseases, vaccinate them and raise them properly.

After the training, I received 18 chickens and continued farming them – caring for them and vaccinating them at the appropriate times.

With the money I earned from selling the chickens, I started saving, buying school materials for my children and other family expenses. Thanks to the chickens we had proper nutrition, too.

Recently, I was able to buy an auto rickshaw with money I earned from the chickens and a business loan from a local organization. Now, I earn $194 from renting the rickshaw and $104 from selling chickens each month. Right now I have 35 hens and 26 roosters on my farm. In the future, I want to buy an incubator machine and expand my chicken farm, so I can pay for my children’s higher education.

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