On Thursday September 3rd GFB: Susan McGrath, Stewart Wong & Vic Neufeld, Cathi Mietkiewicz & Marc Spector, Dean Miller

Sep 03, 2015

By Valerie Massie

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11:05 AM ET | Susan McGrath
11:30 AM ET | Stewart Wong & Vic Neufeld
12:00 PM ET | Cathi Mietkiewicz & Marc Spector
12:30 PM ET | Dean Miller

GUEST – Susan McGrath, professor in the School of Social Work at York University and a fauclty member in our Centre for Refugee Studies,

TOPIC – The urgent refugee crisis in Syria. Chris Alexander is suspending campaign because of refugee crisis.

GUEST – Stewart Wong, Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs, The Arthritis Society

GUEST – Vic Neufeld, President & CEO of Aphria

TOPIC – Canada’s Most Common, Debilitating & Misunderstood Condition – Arthritis – Sufferer Finds Relief With Medical Cannibis.

GUESTS – Lawyer, Cathi Mietkiewicz & Lawyer, Marc Spector

TOPIC – Advice on how to protect the public from phony healthcare practitioners.

GUEST – Dean Miller, Ontario Pharmacist and Past Chair of the Ontario Pharmacists Association, GOLDHAWK APPROVED CONTRIBUTOR

TOPIC – When you or a loved one moves into a long-term care home, the way you manage medications will be very different. Dean Miller, of the Ontario Pharmacists Association will be talking about what patients and caregivers need to know about how medications are managed in care facilities.

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