This Week on Vintage Favourites: November 12th

Nov 07, 2023

By Gene Stevens

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From the 1942 Toronto Maple Leafs – the first pro team to overcome a 3-0 games deficit to win the Stanley Cup (against Detroit) – to the Boston Red Sox World Series’ curse-ending comeback defeat of the Yankees, and Tom Brady’s heroics in Super Bowl 51, leading his Patriots to a stunning comeback overtime win against Atlanta; we love to witness ‘The Comeback’.  
It’s one of the great thrills of sports. But comebacks happen elsewhere too; wherever there is an element of competition. And, while music and the arts shouldn’t really be about the competition, tell that to award winners and chart-watchers. 
Of course, there’s competition in music, and there are typical career surges and crashes involved. Some careers glow brightly for a while and then slowly fade, as changing times and tastes take their toll. A few careers outlast the usual cycle, and the artists become enduring stars. But even these might fade as the generations go by.
Only the rarest exceptions persist over the long haul to become legends and icons.  And among these unusually successful stars, there are some who lose the momentum and fade from the spotlight, only to surprisingly (and sometimes miraculously) make a ‘comeback’.  These rarest of superstar comebacks make for a fascinating feature – which I’m delighted to offer you this Sunday (Nov.12th).
Eleven major recording acts – from all over the 20th century and from a variety of music genres – are featured in the ‘Vintage Favourites Comeback Edition’. You’ll recognize each one, and nod your head in agreement with their spectacular comebacks. I’ll play their major comeback hits along with their respective stories.
I’ll also have brief birthday salutes to Neil Young and the late Gordon Lightfoot (who would’ve turned 85 next week). And in the show’s first hour: ‘Our Sunday Best – A Century of #1 Hits‘, I’ll run the table from the top song 100 years ago this week, to the biggest hit just 2 years ago this week; from Billy Murray, The Mills Brothers and Elvis, to BTO, JOe Cocker and Adele … plus ‘The Story Behind the Song‘ ‘I’d Do Anything for Love – But I Won’t Do That’, by Meat Loaf. 
Please tune in for a terrific edition of ‘Vintage Favourites’ this Sunday (Nov.12) from 2:00 to 4:30.
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