This Week on Vintage Favourites: January 23rd

Jan 17, 2022

By Gene Stevens

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As a self-confessed ‘music nerd’, one of my favourite things is to flip through old music charts, and savour that rushing flow of musical memories, triggered by the song titles.  Maybe you’ve had a similar experience?  There are good reasons why radio stations carefully select the songs to play on air – looking for the best-loved, best-remembered, big hits.  There’s also another level of songs – not quite as successful on the charts – but still loved and well-remembered. Smart stations – like Zoomer Radio – know just how to find those songs as well.
I’d like you to join me on a musical ‘treasure hunt’, as I dig into the past, seeking ‘The Lost Hits of the Fabulous Fifties‘. Just for fun, I set myself a challenge – no song that rose higher than #20 on the Billboard pop chart. What ‘lost’ songs might I find below the so-called ‘Top Twenty’ – that are still familiar and much-loved?  Far more than I’ll have time for – but I will play a lucky 13 songs by big stars and legends. You might be surprised how these songs ever got ‘lost’, and why they never made it into the top-twenty.  
That’s our main feature. I’ll also have birthday spotlights on the late great Jack Scott – Canada’s rockabilly legend, and our usual first-hour spotlight on the events and personalities who made headlines ‘This Week in Zoomer Music‘.  We’ll remember Buddy Holly’s first professional recordings done in the same week Elvis made his network TV debut. Plus a song John Lennon wrote and recorded in one day, and ‘The Story Behind the Song‘ ‘Mandy’. Barry Manilow had a #1 hit with it this week in 1975 – but it wasn’t originally ‘his’ song. The original ‘Mandy’ was ‘Brandy’ – and I’ll play you both versions as we investigate how songs get titled – and re-titled. I hope you’ll join me for this edition of ‘Vintage Favourites’ this Sunday, January 23rd.
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