This Week on Vintage Favourites: November 14th

Nov 08, 2021

By Gene Stevens

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A little while ago, someone sent me an on-line poem – knowing I’m a music lover, and of ‘a certain age’.  ‘Reflections of a Boomer‘ is a so-called ‘online meme’; something Webster’s Dictionary defines as an ‘idea, behaviour, style or usage that spreads from one person to another in a culture…’  I loved the poem’s use of famous song titles to evoke a powerful sense of nostalgia for the times I first heard those songs.  I was immediately inspired to do a show – based not on those specific songs mentioned in the poem – but, rather, of songs that work the same kind of ‘nostalgic magic’. Songs that’ll take you back and, as such, they can elicit happy memories as well as some poignant ones.   I hope you’ll join me for an emotional ride into the past, on the wings of some great songs by Springsteen and Joel, Elton John and Rod Stewart and a few you’ll know, but didn’t expect. 
It’s also Gordon Lightfoot’s birthday coming up soon, and I’ll dedicate six pivotal songs in his career for our final half-hour. 
As for our first hour – ‘This Week in Zoomer Music‘ – it always looks back to events and personalities who made headlines this week, in years past. Bo Diddley became the first rock’n’roll artist to be banned from the Ed Sullivan Show – how and why did that happen?  Birthday salutes to Petula Clark, Diana Krall and Matt Dusk. And ‘The Story Behind the Song‘ ‘Tom Dooley‘.  The Kingston Trio’s 1958 hit sparked the modern folk revival that eventually produced Bob Dylan and the greater literacy in rock music.  However, the true story the Trio sang about was almost a century old at the time – and they weren’t the first to sing about the tragic love triangle gone bad.  I’ll tell you the real story of ‘Tom Dula‘ and play you two versions of the famous song, including a 1929 original and the Kingston’s Trio’s later classic.
All that – and more – on the next ‘Vintage Favourites’, this Sunday (Nov.14th) starting right after the 2 o’clock newscast. 
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