This Week on Vintage Favourites: August 8th

Aug 02, 2021

By Gene Stevens

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We’re approaching the 44th anniversary of ‘The King’s death – August 16th, 1977.  This year, I’m presenting a two-part feature I’m calling ‘Seven Shades of Elvis‘. As you read this post, you’re the first to learn exactly what those seven ‘shades’ are.  This Sunday’s Part One features: ‘Elvis Sound-alikes‘ and ‘Elvis Tribute Songs‘.  Soon after Elvis burst onto the national pop charts in 1956, there were others – many others – who began to imitate his sound. Some of those imitators weren’t much more than one-hit wonders, but several would enjoy significantly successful careers of their own. I’ll shine the spotlight on ten of these ‘sound-alikes’. 
After Presley’s death, there was an outpouring of emotion and nostalgia that led to an entire industry of ‘tribute artists’ – still going strong.  There were also heartfelt tribute songs, including several by major stars; I’ll feature seven such songs by artists as varied as Elton John, Neil Young and Johnny Cash.
Now – here’s the ‘sneak peek’ that’s exclusive to you, dear reader – till I reveal the upcoming segments on my show this Sunday, August 8th.  On the following show – August 15th – the conclusion of ‘Seven Shades of Elvis’ will feature The King himself: at SUN Records, in the Movies, his ‘Comeback’, singing Canadian songs, and finally – Elvis Live, for the last time.  Seven distinct ways of appreciating ‘The King’ in these next two weeks. 
Also on this program – August 8th – in our first-hour feature: ‘This Week in Zoomer Music‘: a salute to David Crosby on his upcoming 80th, and remembering a soulful sax-man who played on such classic recordings as ‘Yakkety-Yak’ by The Coasters and ‘Respect’ by Aretha Franklin: King Curtis, who was killed 50 years ago this week.  ‘The Story Behind the Song‘ takes us back to The Beatles’ first movie – ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ – and specifically to that opening chord on the hit single. For decades musicians tried, but could never quite duplicate its sound.  A mystery grew around how the Beatles created that opening note. A Canadian professor of mathematics, who’s also a musician, named Dr. Jason I. Brown finally discovered the long-buried secret; he spoke at IdeaCity 2014, and I’ll tell you a bit about our interview – and that mystery chord starting ‘A Hard Day’s Night’.  I hope you’ll tune in this Sunday from 2:00 to 4:30.  Cheers.
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