I LOVE ROCK 'N' ROLL! Gene Stevens and the Magic of The Live Concert Album

Jan 17, 2019

By Gene Stevens

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I love rock’n’roll‘ – as the old song goes … and I’ve seen a few shows in my day. That unique ‘sizzle’ of being at a great show stays with you forever. You always remember the best ones. But it’s hard to share that special sensation of a live show – you kinda ‘had to be there’ – right ?  Even with today’s ever present cell-phones recording shows – it just ain’t the same as being there.  There was a turning point in the whole game about 55 years ago – when a live performance of Little Stevie Wonder was recorded – and then pressed to vinyl and released as a single.
Fingertips‘ became the first live performance recording to hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1963.  It got the ball rolling, and soon several other artists released live performances – many were forgotten, or failed to click with a wide audience, but a few became all-time classics.  This Sunday, I’m spotlighting ten of the very best ‘live hits’ from the early 60s into the early 90s; 6 of these ten went all the way to #1. ‘Love it Live – The Live Hits Edition‘ will feature legendary superstars in pop, rock, soul and country, with songs that captured them in live action, and held those moments forever.
I’m also continuing the year-long series featuring ‘the greatest groups of our time’, in alphabetical order from A to Z, from ABBA to Zombies. This Sunday our 3 o’clock ‘triple play’ spotlights The Animals – one of my personal all-time favourite bands.  I’ll also spotlight Canada’s April Wine, and have a big birthday salute to Jack Scott. He’s about to turn 83 – and he’s still touring and recording. In fact I’ll feature a couple tracks from his most recent release – along with a generous helping of his many classics from over a half-century ago. If you like rockabilly music – well, you already know about Jack. It’s time for a proper salute to Canada’s legendary rockabilly pioneer.
It’ll be another great Sunday afternoon radio show – I hope you’ll join me – this Sunday at 2 for ‘Vintage Favourite’, from Zoomer Radio.
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